Vietnam overtakes Singapore to claim Southeast Asia' IPO top spot

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  • 9 months ago
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Vietnam has become Southeast Asia’s top market for IPO’s for 2018 overthrowing Singapore.

In the previous years the communist country has lacked way behind its others neighbours, however this year saw 5 IPOs raising $2.6 billion, including the government’s privatization of Vinhomes which alone generated $1.35 million, and was the second largest IPO in Southeast Asia and the largest in Vietnam’s history.

Here are the figures for the year:


  • Vietnam, total IPO's 5, revenue $2.6 billion


  • Thailand, total IPO's 20, revenue $2.5 billion


  • Indonesia, total IPO's 55, revenue $1.2 billion


  • Singapore, total IPO's 13, revenue $500 million


  • Malaysia, total IPO's 22, revenue $200 million


  • Philippines, total IPO's 1, revenue $200 million



And should the government sell its stakes in other companies it could be very well be that Vietnam holds the top spot for the foreseeable future.

Singapore on the other hand has been victim of global developments which have seen a decrease in public offerings throughout, along with trade issues and unstable markets which have prompted companies to hold back on launching their initial offerings.

Nevertheless, experts forecast a healthy and competitive 2019 as the region continues its development which should prompt Singapore to re-model itself in order to keep up with competition.



Source: Smart Trend Team