UK steps closer from having a second Brexi referendum

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  • 10 months ago
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U.K. politicians are having the chance to have a rerun of the 2016 poll when the country chose to leave the E.U.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party confirmed it would file a parliamentary motion calling for a new referendum by March 12, the date by which the Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to hold a second vote on her withdrawal agreement.

Earlier this week Corbyn Earlier promised to push for a second vote if he failed to get the British government to adopt a Brexit stance that his party could back; on Wednesday, MPs rejected Labour’s alternative Brexit plans, paving the way for the referendum move.

In her own bid to end the Brexit deadlock, PM Theresa May has offered parliament three separate votes in March: one to approve her deal; and if that fails, one to approve a no-deal exit; and if that fails, a vote to approve a “short” delay to Brexit.

Yesterday MPs favoured an amendment from Yvette Cooper, an influential pro-EU Labour politician, that effectively forces the PM to stick to her word.





Source: Smart Trend Team