UK lawmakers take control over Brexit as May suffers another defeat

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  • 10 months ago
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U.K. lawmakers have taken matters in their own hand as they voted to take control of the Brexit process away from Theresa May’s government.

MPs agreed to pass an amendment in the hope to finally find a resolution ot the whole Brexit fiasco, the final result came in with 329 votes in favour and 302 votes against.

The “Letwin amendment” seeks to change the rules of Parliament, allowing lawmakers to set a timetable for debate and subsequent votes on alternative outcomes for Brexit. On Wednesday this week, MPs are now expected to control business in the House of Commons in order to hold the series of votes on different Brexit outcomes. This takes the power away from the government and allows MPs to put forward business motions relating to the U.K.’s departure from the EU.

These non-binding “indicative votes” will be held in a bid to find out what EU exit deal Parliament can vote through.

Ballots could now be cast on May’s deal, the U.K.’s membership of the EU’s single market, a customs union, a no-deal Brexit, a Canada-style free trade agreement, a second referendum or even rescinding Brexit altogether.



Source: Smart Trend Team