Tsai Ing-wen takes a shot at China's lack of democracy

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  • 8 months ago
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Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen did not mix her words as she criticized China’s lack of democracy just a day before the new Lunar Year.

“Those in places lacking democracy may not understand this commitment. We hope that ethnic Chinese all over the world can experience this blessing.”

“So, I want to make three new year’s wishes for our ethnic Chinese friends both at home and abroad. I hope that you may all enjoy democracy, freedom and continued prosperity.”

Ever since her entry to office in 2016, Chinese counterpart Xi-Jinping has cranked up the pressure on the island which t claims to be “sacred territory” and called for a peaceful resolution in making Taiwan part of China again.

Taiwan has shown no interest of being ruled by Beijing, nevertheless, with the general elections coming up this year, Tsai has another issue to handle as she is losing ground to the pro-Chinese Kuomintang party, especially after the latter inflicted a heavy loss to Tsai in the recent mayoral elections.



Source: Smart Trend Team