Trump says "all options are open" to get Russian troops out of Venezuela

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  • 9 months ago
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U.S. President Donald Trump has warned Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela, adding that all options are on the table in order to make sure it happens.

The arrival of two Russian air force planes outside Caracas last weekend believed to be carrying nearly 100 Russian special forces and cybersecurity personnel, has escalated the political crisis in Venezuela.

Russia and China have backed President Nicolas Maduro, while the United States and most other Western countries support opposition leader Juan Guaido.

In January, Guaido invoked the constitution to assume Venezuela’s interim presidency, arguing that Maduro’s 2018 re-election was illegitimate.

“Russia has to get out,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, where he met with Guaido’s wife, Fabiana Rosales.

Asked how he would make Russian forces leave, Trump answered, “We’ll see. All options are open.”




Source: Smart Trend Team