Trump announces tariffs on $11 billion of EU goods

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  • 9 months ago
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U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he will slap the EU with tariffs on $11 billion of product.

Trump announced on social media, “The World Trade Organization finds that the European Union subsidies to Airbus has adversely impacted the United States, which will now put Tariffs on $11 Billion of EU products! The EU has taken advantage of the US on trade for many years. It will soon stop!”

Washington and Brussels have been locked in a trade dispute involving both Airbus and Boeing whom are equally in the run to dominate the global jet business.

It all comes due to an ongoing dispute which has dragged itself for 15 years through the WTO with both sides in arbitration to decide the size of any countermeasures, the outcome is surely to be a foacl point for the coming weeks.



Source: Smart Trend Team