Toyota offers Grab fleet its Total-care Service

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  • 9 months ago
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The first signs of a collaboration between Toyota and ride-hailing company Grab has taken place, as the carmaker has offered its new Total-care Service, which uses vehicle data to optimise maintenance and insurance costs, to 1,500 Prius vehicles in Grab Rentals’ fleet.

Grab’s head of regional operations, Russell Cohen, stated that fares would be considerably cheaper in the long term and would improve business operations.

Toyota has been testing the data collecting system since 2016, and since its $1 billion investment in the Singaporean-based company in June, had previoulsy applied the system to 100 vehicles of Grab’s fleet.

Grab has also announced it plans to expand its Toyota fleet by 25% by the year 2020 and to eventually introduce the service to all of its fleet.

The Total-care Service, uses sensors built-in the vehicle to provide drivers with improved cost effectiveness and timekeeping, while other benefits the service brings will be fleet management, insurance and vehicle maintenance.



Source: Smart Trend Team