Today's announcements and data releases, 4/3/2019

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CHF SNB Annual Result 2018 (2018)



CHF Total Sight Deposits CHF (MAR 01)



CHF Domestic Sight Deposits CHF (MAR 01)



EUR Euro-Zone Sentix Investor Confidence (MAR)



GBP Markit/CIPS UK Construction PMI (FEB)



EUR Euro-Zone Producer Price Index (MoM) (JAN)

Measures changes in the selling prices of goods and services used by Euro-zone producers. Because producers tend to pass on higher costs to consumers as higher retail prices, the PPI is an early indicator of inflation. A higher PPI, especially when combined with high figures for other measures of inflation, will make the European Central Bank more inclined to raise interest rates. A low or falling PPI is indicative of declining prices, and may suggest an economic slowdown. The Index headline is expressed as a month over month or annualized percentage change. Note: The Euro-zone PPI excludes construction industry because it is vulnerable to seasonal price volatility that can distort index results.



EUR Euro-Zone Producer Price Index (YoY) (JAN)



CAD MLI Leading Indicator (MoM) (JAN)



USD Construction Spending (MoM) (DEC)

Construction spending gauges the level of construction activity in the United States . The Construction Spending report looks at both residential and non-residential construction. The construction industry makes a significant contribution to the United States GDP in the form of investment expenditure as well as stimulus of industries related to building. Furthermore, since builders are unlikely to pour money into construction projects unless they feel the economy favors their investment, changes in business sentiment like this are usually quickly seen in construction figures. However, the report has little significance for market participants because of its untimely release. By the time the report is announced other reports, such building permits and building starts have already provided similar information. The report headline is the percentage change from the previous month. Technical notes: The construction industry is a major force to the United States economy, even without including non-construction businesses that are tied to building, such as finance, the furnishing industry, appliance industry and other manufacturing. Private Construction activity can be an effective indicator of business confidence.



USD U.S. to Sell USD48 Bln 3-Month Bills 



USD U.S. to Sell USD39 Bln 6-Month Bills