Today's announcements and data releases, 22/4/2019

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JPY Convenience Store Sales (YoY) (MAR)

The value of items sold at small convenience stores, based on a monthly industry survey. Japanese consumers spend a significant portion of their income at the more than forty thousand convenience stores in the country. In fact Japan has one of the highest convenience store per capita rates in the industrialized world. Even though a significant portion of Japan 's economy depends on global demand for exports, domestic consumption is still very important. Convenience Store Sales give good insight into developments in overall Japanese consumer spending because of the Japanese consumer's reliance on convenience stores to supply everyday necessities. As with most indicators of consumer spending, rapid growth in Convenience Store Sales signals mounting inflationary pressures. The headline value is the percentage change in store sales from the previous year's sales.



USD Chicago Fed Nat Activity Index (MAR)



USD Existing Home Sales (MAR)

Records sales of previously owned homes in the United States . This report provides a fairly accurate assessment of housing market conditions, and because of the sensitivity of the housing market to business cycle twists, it can be an important indicator of overall conditions at times when housing is particularly important to the economy. While used home sales are not counted in GDP, they do affect the United States economy. Sellers of used homes often use capital gains from property sales on consumption that stimulate the economy. Higher levels of consumer spending may also increase inflationary pressures, even as they help grow the economy. The existing home sales report is not as timely as other housing indicators like New Home Sales or Building Permits. By the time the Existing Home Sales are recorded, market conditions may have changed. The headline is the total value of properties sold.



USD Existing Home Sales (MoM) (MAR)



USD U.S. to Sell USD42 Bln 3-Month Bills



USD U.S. to Sell USD36 Bln 6-Month Bills