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This week was filled with some sad events coupled with ongoing sagas.

World headlines were filled with shock at the Christchurch shooting, as once again it is evident that countries need to review their gun laws and also at to just how vulnerable minority groups are even in a supposedly safe and welcoming country like New Zealand.

Other headlines include the Brexit conundrum which until this very day remains unresolved and Brussels is growing frustrated with Theresa May’s antics of failing to present an agreement that will please Parliament.

Donald Trump kept the media busy of course, his current trade standoff with Beijing still keeps investors guessing, however, Trump has somewhat warmed up to North Korea’s leader Kim as he has scrapped some of the sanctions imposed earlier this week, leaving some people in Washington rather confused.

The same cannot be said about Venezuela as the U.S. has increased the pressure on Maduro’s administration by targeting their banking sector which will make it very hard for the Venezuelan President and his fellow comrades to make any significant transactions outside of the country.

Meanwhile, Indonesian national airline Garuda cancelled a $4.8 billion order of Boeing 747 jets, Garuda follows other international airlines which have already cancelled orders from Boeing which has caused the DJIA listed company to lose over 10% in value.

Following the financial trend, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank have surprisingly began talking about a merger and Google application Pinterest has filed for an IPO adding to the other tech companies going public in 2019.

Also not to forget Apple's late surge at the end of the week along with the Fed's decision to maintain rates made an eventful week for the financial markets.

The week ahead will be an interesting one as eyes will be on Special counsel Robert Mueller's submitted his report on the Russia investigation to Attorney General William Barr.




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