The U.K. can revoke article 50, but not everyone shares the same view

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  • 10 months ago
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The European Court of Justice has given the United Kingdom the right to unilaterally revoke Article 50 without the permission of other bloc members.

Judges ruled possible the revoking Article 50, that is, until the agreement comes into force or until the end of the 2-year negotiating period and could even reverse the decision of Brexit within any possible extension of the period.

Judges also ruled that the U.K. could essentially remain in the bloc under its current terms of the membership, hence it would allow Britain to claim back its EU budget contributions, stay out of the single currency, passport free Schengen area and opt-out of home affairs legislations and justice affairs.

News have been met with mixed feelings, the Scottish National Party’s Joanna Cherry said, I'm delighted that we now know definitively that there is an option to stay in the EU.

"The UK government has ignored Scotland's vote to Remain and all compromises suggested by the Scottish government.

"They also fought us every inch of the way in this case, so it's a particularly sweet irony that Scottish parliamentarians and the Scottish courts have provided this lifeline to the UK parliament at this moment of crisis."

While environment Secretary Michael Gove had a different view, "We don't want to stay in the EU. We voted very clearly - 17.4million people sent a clear message that we want to leave the EU and that means also leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice."

"So, this case is all very well but it doesn't alter either the referendum vote or the clear intention of the government to make sure that we leave on 29 March.




Source: Smart Trend Team