Thai election results delayed as army-backed party leads the race

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Palang Pracharat party has been leading in Thailand’s first election since a 2014 coup, with the unofficial result delayed until Monday afternoon likely to indicate whether junta chief Prayuth Chan-ocha can gain enough seats to remain prime minister.

The Election Commission had been scheduled to announce the unofficial results Sunday night for the 500-seat lower House of Representatives but later said it was delayed until Monday, without giving a reason.

However, with Prayuth’s Palang Pracharat party pretty much guaranteed the support of the junta-appointed upper house, the Senate, under new electoral rules the junta drafted, it looked in a good position to keep Prayuth in office five years after he overthrew an elected government.

With 93% of overall votes counted, the Election Commission reported Palang Pracharat was leading with 7.64 million votes.

Trailing with 7.16 million votes was Pheu Thai, a party linked to the self-exiled ousted former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, whose loyalists have won every election since 2001.

Palang Pracharat leader Uttama Savanayana cautioned the final results were not yet in but he seemed confident.



Source: Smart Trend Team