SpaceX rockets sends first privatel-funded moon mission in orbit

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The second SpaceX launch of 2019 blasted three spacecrafts into orbit, along with a first privately-funded lunar mission by Israel.

It is the third successful mission for the company's rocket booster, which launched two missions successfully last year before returning to land.

The main payload atop the Falcon 9 was the Nusantara Satu satellite, built by Maxar Technologies' SSL for an Asian satellite telecommunications company, which will serve Indonesia with internet connectivity, voice communications and video distribution.

Non-profit SpaceIL's "Beresheet" spacecraft is one of the secondary payloads that SpaceX launched, if successful, Beresheet's landing on the moon would see Israel become the fourth country in history to achieve the feat.

At a cost of about $100 million, the low budget lander was backed by private donors, with state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries involved as a partner.

The final payload on board is a small experimental spacecraft for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.

Called S5, the spacecraft will conduct a one-year mission.



Source: Smart Trend Team