NZ Prime Minister to adress Huawei and trade agreement on visit to Beijing

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New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she hoped to have a dialogue with Beijing about her country’s intelligence agency’s decision to reject a bid by Chinese telecom giant Huawei to build a 5G mobile network as she prepares on a one-day trip where she is expected to meet President Xi Jinping and its Premier Li Keqiang.

Referring to the Huawei topic, Ardern “This is an opportunity to have a dialogue to talk about the way the process has been undertaken to date and where it currently stands.”

The New Zealand PM has been open about her concern regarding Beijing’s growing influence in the South Pacific, and rejected Chinese telecoms giant Huawei’s first local bid to build a 5G mobile network.

Just in February China postponed a major tourism campaign in New Zealand days before its launch raising concerns of strained ties over China’s growing influence in the Pacific.

Ardern has acknowledged there were complexities in the relationship with China, but has dismissed concerns of a rift with New Zealand’s largest trading partner as she seeks to upgrade the current agreement.

Since 2008 China is New Zealand’s largest goods export partner, however there are other issues on the agenda as New York-based Human Rights Watch called in a letter to Arden last week for her to publicly express concern about the situation in China’s far Western region of Xinjiang when she meets Chinese leaders.

China has faced growing international opprobrium over a controversial de-radicalisation program in the heavily Muslim populated Xinjiang, where critics say China is running internment camps.

On the issue Ardern said, “Human rights issues are things that New Zealand routinely raises in our bilaterals with China.”



Source: Smart Trend Team