Musk's Loop tunnel is unveiled

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  • 10 months ago
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Two years ago, Elon Musk voiced his dislike of LA traffic and vowed to build a tunnel, that is now come a reality as The Boring Company, owned by both Tesla and Space-X, has unveiled the 6.000-foot tunnel called the “Loop” in the Hawthorne area of Los Angeles.

Reporters were given the chance to ride through the tunnel in a Tesla Model X SUV at speeds of 40 to 50 mph, the cars were equipped by deployable alignment systems that act as bumpers throughout the course and prevent the cars from running into tunnel walls.

As musk himself explained the engineering add-on is helpful in more ways than one, "If driver passes out or goes crazy those tracking wheels ensure the car stays on track."

Musk himself took a ride through the $10 million project, he stated “I thought it was epic,” adding “For me it was an epiphany, like 'this thing damn well worked.”

While the project still is not completed as of yet, it does offer a solution that may actually work, although Musk’s critics have been quick to jump on the idea that the expense of the tunnel would fund several other options to reduce the traffic issue.

Musk’s answer to the critics is quite simple, “There is a path to alleviate traffic congestion in cities,” “We’re not saying stop all other solutions. We’re saying this is a solution that will actually work."



Source: Smart Trend Team