Indonesia's government to pledge $40 billion to revamp Jakarta

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  • 4 months ago
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Indonesia’s government has plans for Jakarta although President Jokowi has already made it clear the capital will be moving to a location in Kalimantan.

The new capital will cost somewhere around $33 billion, with relocation expected to be completed by 2024.

Current capital Jakarta, is expected to receive a further $40 billion which will be spent on infrastructure within the next decade in order to save the sinking city which is home to around 10 million people.

Only 60% of the city has pipe water infrastructure, forcing millions of people and businesses to dig wells to use up groundwater, hurting the environment and makes the city prone to floods.

Not to mention rising sea levels which have constantly eaten away at the city’s northern part, according to studies Jakarta has been sinking 11 inches a year.

New projects will include, new sewage systems, extended pipelines to cover the whole of the city and other projects to tackle the terrible traffic conditions, such as a new loopline railway, expanding commuter lines, bus-only lanes and flyovers.

On the bigger picture, Jakarta may very well be the equivalent of New York in the US, although not serving as capital, becoming its financial hub.



Source: Smart Trend Team