Indonesia's coal companies aiming to go into renewables

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Indonesia’s major coal miners, Adaro Energy, Indo Tambangraya Megah and Tabang Batubara Bukit Asam are all seeking to turn to more environmentally friendly practice, regardless of the fact the country’s usage has reached a 7-year high level which has brought the prices falling by 13% since this August.

Hence, exploring other sources would also mean the re-balancing if the coal market.

Indo Tambangraya Megah’s Deputy President Director, Bramantya Putra, stated back in August that, "We will try to focus on two -- hydropower and solar energy," as the company intends to use of renewable energy to contribute to 20% of its revenue, adding, "I think we're quite progressive with the plans."

Miners Adaro Energy and Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam are also in the process of developing renewable energy power plants.

Adaro Energy already has the use of a 100kw solar panel used by sister company Adaro Indonesia and has plans to building a further 100kw solar power plant in Sumatra that would also develop solar, battery and biomass energy totaling a capacity of 6.5MW.

“This proves that we have the readiness to move into renewables whenever there is a requirement for it," stated Adaro Power’s Director, Adrian Lembong.

Meanwhile Adaro’s CEO, Dharma Djojonegor, pointed to the main factors behind the migration into renewable sources, "One is that financing for coal-fired power plants is getting more difficult... The second is renewables are decreasing in cost. As a power company, we have to recognize these two trends. Therefore, we are quite keen to go into renewables." 



Source: Smart Trend Team