Google builds first solar project in Taiwan

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  • 8 months ago
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Eight years ago, Google revealed its plans to build a wind energy plant in the Atlantic Ocean, however it has been somewhat slow in its development.

However, Google has now become the first company to purchase of renewable energy in Taiwan as it seeks to go ahead with its solar power project, a 10-megawatt plant in Tainan City which entails solar panels atop of fishing ponds.

The concept of building solar power projects over water, also known as floating photovoltaics is increasing in popularity, China did so last year by building the largest solar farm on a lake which was previously a coal mine.

Japan meanwhile is the world leader in floating photovoltaic installations, having built over 60 projects since 2007.

Google's fishing pond project may differ from many water-based solar efforts that use structures like pontoons to float the solar panels directly on the water.

While it is possible to float solar panels directly on the surface of fish farms it has been done on projects overseas, the Google project development team has not yet decided how the solar panels will be situated above the water.

Floating solar is still far behind land-based projects, according to a World Bank report, but the growth curve is accelerating.

Installed floating solar power capacity increased from 132 megawatts in 2016 to more than 1 gigawatt last year.

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems reached 1 gigawatt in 2000.

The World Bank says a "conservative" estimate indicates potential for 400 gigawatts of floating solar globally.



Source: Smart Trend Team