EU indices stuck in negative territory

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  • 8 months ago
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European indices have struggled to make any headway in today’s exchange as investors dela with the tensions surrounding trade talks between Washington and Beijing.

The Stoxx 600 continued in the same fashion as yesterday by shedding 0.25 while the London based FTSE100 slid by 0.2% following a loss of 1.6% during yesterday’s session resulting in the GBP/USD pair retreating by 0.4% to $1.3007.

Frankfurt’s DAX, however, did buck the trend as it inched higher by 0.2% as it made some ground on Tuesday’s loss of 1.6%.

The Italian borsa, FTSE MIB, continued its bad start of the week by closing lower by 0.4% and the Paris exchange, the CAC 40 edged slightly lower by 0.1%, not as bad as the previous session’s close down 1.6%.



Source: Smart Trend Team