Carlos Ghosn arrested again over Oman payments

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  • 9 months ago
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Carlos Ghosn was arrested once again today as Japanese prosecutors seek to build a new case over the former Nissan chairman regarding a dealer in Oman.

According to Ghosn the arrest “outrageous and arbitrary” and said it was “part of another attempt by some individuals at Nissan to silence me.”

Which may not seem so far-fetched as reports suggests that Nissan is behind the arrest, along with that the Japanese carmakers are seeking to terminate any mergers with Renault.

The ousted Nissan chief was first arrested in November last year, and has been accused of misusing company funds and understating his income at the Japanese automaker, where he served as chairman, should he be found guilty he faces up to 15 years in prison.

In a statement released on his arrest, Ghosn stated, “My arrest this morning is outrageous and arbitrary. It is part of another attempt by some individuals at Nissan to silence me by misleading the prosecutors. Why arrest me except to try to break me? I will not be broken. I am innocent of the groundless charges and accusations against me.

After being wrongly imprisoned for 108 days, my biggest hope and wish today is for a fair trial. I was scheduled to present my story in a press conference next week; by arresting me again, the prosecutors have denied me that opportunity, for now, but I am determined that the truth will come out. I am confident that if tried fairly, I will be vindicated.”



Source: Smart Trend Team