BTC users rejoice as new Bitcoin Core upgrade is unveiled

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  • 9 months ago
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Bitcoin Core is finally here, to the joy of BTC aficionados, the 18th major version of the cryptocurrency’s most widely used software, the code will allow users to connect bitcoin full nodes to hardware wallets.

It may sound like a load of technical jargon, unless you are familiar with the same, however it is a very big step in regards of security for its users.

The full nodes allow users to verify transactions which were executed, meanwhile wallets are the safest way store digital currencies, therefore the announcement is good news for users who do not seek full control of their Bitcoin or to overall lose it.

Still, the change is part of a much broader effort to make bitcoin full nodes easier to use for people other than just tech geeks.

Casa, for example, has launched a node that works without much setup necessary, while developers of the bitcoin protocol are constantly trying to reduce how much data users need to store to run one, as users need to store every transaction ever sent on the blockchain, it’s pretty heavy.

Bitcoin Core contributor Andrew Chow, one of the lead developers on the project, took to Twitter:

“With this pull request merged, the upcoming Bitcoin Core 0.18 release will be finally usable with hardware wallets by using Hardware Wallet Interface (HWI).”



Source: Smart Trend Team