Indonesia Market Today - 15 January 2021


Friday (15/01/2021). An increase in the number of Americans filing claims for unemployment benefits for the first time more than expected last week was a factor in the DJIA being depressed again on day 2 by -0.22% and when combined with a decrease in CPO prices by -4.30% & a return of -0.10% Gold turn in the middle the lack of positive sentiment from within the country is a negative factor driving the JCI this Friday.

On the other hand, rising prices for several commodities such as: Oil + 1.34%, Coal + 0.11%, Nickel + 3.62% & Timah + 0.67% became the catalyst for stocks under these commodities.


Recorded First Death After Coronavirus in China Returns to Speed

China recorded the first death case due to Corona after 8 months and there was never * a report of death from the disease. * Currently China is fighting the resurgence of the next wave of the Corona outbreak *. Furthermore, there were 138 new cases of Corona infection reported by the National Health Commission on Thursday (14/1) - the highest number of daily cases since March 2020.


New corona cases in Indonesia increased by 11,557 on Thursday (14/1)

The new corona cases in Indonesia have not seen any signs of abating. Conversely, the addition of new corona cases is getting higher and again recording a record high. As of Thursday (14/1) there were an additional 11,557 new cases of corona infection in Indonesia and this is the largest increase. So that the total becomes 869,600 positive cases of corona.




1. PT Agung Podomoro Land (APLN)

The company posted pre-sales or marketing sales revenue of IDR 3.5 trillion at the end of 2020. The realization of marketing sales of IDR 3.5 trillion excluding taxes increased 56% compared to pre-sales in the same period in 2019 amounting to IDR 1.9 trillion. In details, continued Justini, about 89% of the marketing sales were obtained from selling 280 hectares of industrial land in Karawang, followed by sales at Podomoro Park Bandung, Podomoro Golf View Cimanggis, and Podomoro City Deli Medan.


2. PT Telkom Indonesia (TLKM)

This year the company will allocate a capital expenditure fund (capex) of approximately 25% of revenue. If we refer to the realization of revenue in 2019 of IDR 135.57 trillion, the assumed capex for 2021 is around IDR 34 trillion.



The company has budgeted a capital expenditure of Rp 6.2 trillion in 2021 of which 37% will be used for toll road development projects. In addition, the property & residential development project is 9%, area & airport development is 12%, and investment development in subsidiaries is 33%. Meanwhile, the company booked new contracts worth IDR 22.26 trillion in 2020. Even though the realization only reached 89.04 percent of the new contract target set at IDR 25 trillion, the company is optimistic that the profit target can still be achieved.


4. PT Jasa Marga (JSMR)

The company allocated a capital expenditure fund (capex) of Rp 7.5 trillion in 2021. The budget is to increase the minimum service standard (SPM) and support the expansion of the toll road business. The need for capex and opex (operational expenditure) to meet the SPM of toll roads managed by Jasa Marga is Rp 2.2 trillion per year.


5. PT Tigaraksa Satria (TGKA)

The company allocated a capital expenditure fund (capex) of IDR 25.2 billion in 2021, an increase of + 32.35% compared to the same period in 2020, which was valued at IDR 19.04 billion. The company will use capex to buy factory equipment and office equipment such as hardware and software.


6. PT Bima Sakti Pertiwi (PAMG)

The company has budgeted a capital expenditure (capex) of Rp 24.86 billion for 2021. The budget will be focused on completing land acquisition, in addition to being used for renovation and repair of buildings. Throughout 2020, PAMG recorded a decline in shopping center visitors by up to 50%, where the level of visits until 2020 was only 4.72 million people. Meanwhile, the previous year reached 9.34 million.




DJIA -68.95 -0.22% 30991
NASDAQ -16.31 -0.12% 13112
GOLD -6.9 -0.37% 1848.10
*OIL +0.71 +1.34% 53.62*
*COAL (Feb`21/Newcastle) +0.15 +0.17% 89.80*
*NICKEL +640 +3.62% 18320!!*
*TIN +140 +0.67% 21075*
CPO (Mar`21) -159 -4.30% 3420
*EIDO +0.28 +1.14% 24.94*
*TLK 25.16 (3536) vs 3500 (TLKM)*
US 10yr +0.0410 +3.77% 1.1290
INDO 10yr -0.0010 -0.02% 6.3974
INDO CDS (5 yrs) +0.734 +1.017% 72.912
IDR (Spot) 14,055

*IDX Range : 6,378 - 6,472*
*USD/IDR Range: 13,980 - 14,110*











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