Indonesia Market Today - 21 July 2020


Tuesday (21/07/2020). After DJIA at the beginning of the trade it had dropped by around -160 points, but the successful recovery was driven by a combination of providing development of the Corona vaccine discovery from Pfizer & BioNTech as well as Oxford University & AstraZeneca plus rising technology-based shares such as Amazon + 7.9% & IBM +4.7 and hopes for a stimulus package the new economy amid the achievement of the highest number of victims who were infected and killed as a result of Corvid19, where the number of victims infected by Corvid19 on Monday reached +96 people so far the Corvid19 infection has reached 88,214 people (estimated to reach 100,000 people infected) with an additional death toll on Monday as many as Monday +96 people so far the death toll has reached 4,239 people, leading to 5,000 people killed in the near future, (Fatality Rate of 4.80%) *.

Meanwhile, the condition of commodity price closing was quite diverse Monday in which commodities were experiencing price gains namely: CPO + 1.63%, Gold + 0.38%, Oil + 0.30%, Nickel + 0.53% & Lead + 0.27% while Coal prices fell by -1.56% amid the fall in EIDO was -1.27%.

Knowing the various factors driving the JCI, the JCI has the opportunity to move mixed tends to weaken in trading this Tuesday amid valuations that many stocks are very attractive to buy, we recommend being very selective if investors want to do BOW or Swing Trade then they can focus on stocks from the CPO sector, Pharmacy, Cement, Consumer, Telecommunications, Hospitals and Cigarettes in Tuesday trade.


Multi finance loan ratio through 4%.

According to the Financial Services Authority (FSA), non-performing financing (NPF) or the ratio of non-performing loans as of May 2020 reached 4.11%. Whereas in December 2019, finance companies could still register a NPF of 2.4%, continuing to rise in January 2020 by 2.56%, February by 2.66%, March 2.82%, and April 2020 by 3.3%.




1. PT Bumi Serpong Damai (BSDE)

The company posted pre-sales of Rp2.9 trillion during semester 1/2020, equivalent to 40% of the 2020 target of Rp7.2 trillion. This result increased by 6% compared to the previous semester I / 2019. This achievement is inseparable from the successful launch of the national program "Move in Quickly" (MIQ) since the end of March, which managed to record pre-sales of Rp650.0 billion. Furthermore, residential products are still the main contributor to pre-sales in the first half of this year, valued at Rp1.6 trillion or contributing 57% of total pre-sales. Meanwhile, pre-sales from the commercial segment were recorded at Rp1.1 trillion, representing 37% of total pre-sales in the first 6 months of this year. The achievement of the pre-sales results of Semester I / 2020, was also supported by land sales of Rp181.0 billion to PT Sahabat Duta Wisata or contributed 6% of the total achievements. PT Sahabat Duta Wisata is a joint venture company to develop a shopping center (mall) project in Grand Wisata, Bekasi.


2. PT Alam Sutera Realty (ASRI)

The company will issue senior notes (senior notes) worth USD485 million or Rp6.74 trillion using the US dollar exchange rate based on Bank Indonesia`s middle rate on December 31, 2019 to pay off obligations that are due. The bonds will be issued by Alam Sutera`s subsidiary, Alam Synergy Pte Ltd, domiciled in Singapore.


3. PT Digital Mediatama Maxima (DMMX)

The company recorded an increase in net profit reaching 464.06% to Rp 18.05 billion in the first half of 2020, compared to the same period last year of Rp 3.20 billion. Meanwhile, the company`s revenue also rose 402.65% from Rp 43.78 billion to Rp 220.06 billion.


4. PT Bali Towerindo Sentra (BALI)

Until the end of the first semester of 2020, the company achieved profit for the period attributable to the owners of the parent entity reaching Rp31.19 billion, up 27.42% from profit of Rp24.48 billion in the same period in 2019. Meanwhile, the company`s operating income in the first semester of 2012 amounted to Rp371.78 billion, an increase of 26.19% compared to operating revenues of Rp294.63 billion in the same period in 2019.




*DJIA +8.92 +0.03% 26680*
*NASDAQ +263.90 +2.51% 10767*
*GOLD +11.80 +0.66% 1812.10*
*OIL +0.12 +0.30% 40.69*
COAL (Aug/Newcastle) -0.85 -1.56% 53.65
*NICKEL +70 +0.53% 13190*
*TIN +47.50 +0.27% 17360*
*CPO (Aug`20) +44 +1.63% 2743!!*
EIDO -0.24 -1.27% 18.60
US 10yr -0.008 +0.02% 0.620
INDO 10yr +0.0011 +0.02% 7.2711
INDO CDS (5yr) -1.024 -1.398% 126.06
*TLK 41.56 (3072) vs 3060 (TLKM)*
IDR (Spot) 14,785
IDR (Bloomberg, 21/07/20/Fut, 04.55) 14,785

*IDX Range : 5,010 - 5,094*
*USD/IDR Range: 14,710 - 14,850*









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