Indonesia Market Today - 15 June 2020


Monday (15/06/2020). After the CSPI over the past week dropped by around -1.36% accompanied by Foreign Investor`s Net Sell of Rp. -1.74 trillion, at the beginning of this week there was an opportunity for the JCI * to continue to strengthen * in trading Monday as DJIA rose by + 1.90% and EIDO by + 3.53% amid the total achievement the highest number of victims infected and killed as a result of Corvid19, especially if PSBB is abolished, where for 3 days (Friday to Sunday) the number of victims affected by Corvid19 reached +2,977 people so far the Corvid19 victims have reached 38.227 people * (estimated to reach 40,000 people) infected) with an additional death toll for 3 days totaling +143 people so far the death toll has reached 2,143 to 2,300 people killed in the near future, (Fatality Rate of 5.60%)

Furthermore, the rebound also occurred in the commodity market where Crude Oil rose + 0.61%, Coal + 1.05%, Nickel + 0.49%, Gold + 0.09%, Tin + 0.97% and CPO + 1.33% so that the potential * pushed up * stocks below the commodity in trading this Monday.

Knowing that the IHSG has the opportunity to continue strengthening, amid valuations that many stocks are very interesting to buy, we recommend being very selective if investors want to do BUY or Swing Trade so they can focus on stocks from the Coal, Bank, Poultry, Property, Infrastructure and Construction sectors in trading This monday.


Indonesia Trade Balance on May 2020

*Exports YoY May-20*
*Act. :-28,95%*
Prev. :-7,02%
Cons. :-19,60%

*Imports YoY May-20*
*Act. :-42,20%*
Prev. :-18,58%
Cons. :-25,00%

*Trade Balance May-20*
*Act. :+$2090m*
Prev. :-$345m
Cons. :+$629m





The company posted operating revenues of Rp3.41 trillion up to March 31, 2020, down -31.11% compared to the same period in 2019 of Rp4.95 trillion. Meanwhile, until the end of quarter 1/2020, the company recorded profit attributable to owners of the parent entity fell -92.22% to Rp13.32 billion from profit of Rp171.16 billion in 2019. The cause of the correction in net income was due to decreased operating income, such as construction services corrected 31.22% to Rp 2.71 trillion and the EPC segment fell 56.95% to Rp 194.76 billion. The company also recorded a decline in the property and real estate business segment by 15.26% to Rp 371.31 billion. Then, equipment rentals also fell 33.80% to Rp 40.95 billion, pre-printed and energy businesses were cut by 168.26% and 14.38% respectively. The cost of revenue also dropped 28.37% to Rp 3.08 trillion, so the company obtained a gross profit of Rp 328.57 billion.


2. PT Intiland Development (DILD)

The company at the end of the first quarter of 2020 posted a net profit of Rp84.4 billion, up 74.74% compared to the same period in 2019 of Rp48.3 billion. Meanwhile, revenues in the first quarter of 2020 amounted to Rp830.55 billion, down 6.43% compared to the same period in 2019 amounting to Rp877.61 billion. 


3. PT Mahaka Radio Integra Tbk (MARI)

Radio management company owned by Erick Tohir MARI recorded the current year`s loss attributable to the owners of the parent entity amounting to Rp2.69 billion until the end of the quarter 1/2020 period March 31, 2020, down -155.01% because the same period in 2019 the company still earned a profit of Rp4, 89 billion. Furthermore, until the first quarter of 2020 the company recorded a net income down 19.84% to Rp23.84 billion from net income of Rp29.75 billion in 2020.


4. PT Estika Tata Tiara (BEEF)

Until the end of 2019, the company posted sales of Rp 1.31 trillion, up 46.93% compared to the same period in 2018 of Rp 895.93 billion. Meanwhile, until the end of 2019 the company posted a net profit of Rp 38.43 billion, up 29.31% compared to the same period in 2018 amounting to Rp 29.72 billion.


5. PT Timah (TINS)

PEFINDO has downgraded the rating for TINS and Sustainable Bond I to "idA" from "idA +" and the ranking of Sustainable Sukuk Ijarah I to "idA (sy)" from "idA + (sy)".


6. PT Ricky Putra Globalindo (RICY)

The Company recognizes the condition of the business continuity of the company affected by co-19 until a partial cessation occurs with an estimated term of 1-3 months, until the impact of fulfilling the principal obligations and debt interest of Rp.786.19 billion. Further explained, at the RICY company factory there was a partial halt in operations at the apparel production section located in Bogor. At the RICY company factory there is a complete shutdown of operations in the spinning production section located in Bandung. In the subsidiary company, PT Ricky Citra Rasa, there is an overall halt in operations at the restaurant business located in Jakarta. The company predicts that there will be a decrease in total revenue until the period ending May 31, 2020 compared to May 31, 2019 to 25% to 50%, while the company`s profit predicts a decline of 75%.




*DJIA +477.3 +1.90% 25605*
*NASDAQ +96 +1.01% 9588*
*GOLD +1.40 +0.09% 1737.30*
*OIL +0.22 +0.61% 36.56*
*COAL (July/Newcastle) +0.55 +1.05% 52.95*
*NICKEL +62.5 +0.49% 12707.5*
*TIN +12.5 +0.07% 16975*
*CPO (Jul`20) +32 +1.33% 2432*
*EIDO +0.63 +3.53% 18.48*
US 10yr +0.046 +7.04% 0.6990
INDO 10yr +0.0426 +0.569% 7.4766
INDO CDS (5yr) +2.44 +1.85% 134.141
TLK 42.70 (3016)
IDR (Spot) 14,133
IDR (Bloomberg, 13/06/20/Fut, 09.55) 14,133

*IDX Range : 4,840 - 4,940*
*USD/IDR Range: 14,060 - 14,190*









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