The US warns Turkey not to go ahead with Russian missile defence purchase

Turkey has two weeks to decide between completing an arms deal with the U.S. or turn to its closer neighbour Russia whom is presenting its very own missile defence system.

Should Turkey choose the latter, it will put itself in the firing line as Washington has expressed it plans to take swift action and impose penalties along with repercussions from NATO.

Washington has already notified Erdogan’s administration that it must cancel a multi-billion-dollar deal with the Kremlin and instead purchase Raytheon’s Patriot missile defence system, by ignoring the cautionary tone by the U.S., which is also a final offer, Turkey will find itself removed from the Lockheed Martin F-35 program which means it will not receive some 100 fighter jets.

NATO has also addressed concern over the possibility of Turkey being armed with the Russian S-400 missile system Turkey.

A U.S. State Department spokesman said, “NATO countries need to procure military equipment that is interoperable with NATO systems. A Russian system would not meet that standard.”

“We underscore that Turkey will face very real and negative consequences if it completes its S-400 delivery.”



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