Duterte's allies deliver crucial blow to opposition during midterm elections

Senate candidates supporting President Rodrigo Duterte are well on the way to win the 12 seats contested in the Philippines’ midterm elections.

The size of Duterte’s victory in last Monday’s polls is the biggest for a president since 1987 when democracy was restored to the country.

Due to his popularity, newcomers to the political stage have been thrusted into the spotlight, meanwhile his opposition has suffered another huge blow while attempting to label Duterte’s administration as an almost dictatorlike government.

The Senate race which is crucial to the midterm was also closely watched as 18,000 government seats were contested.

Analysts saw it as a referendum on the first half of Mr Duterte’s six-year term, which has been marked by the president’s bloody drug war, an infrastructure splurge, steady economic growth and a diplomatic pivot to China.

With more allies in the 24-member Senate, Duterte can now accelerate his controversial policies, including a plan to rewrite the constitution.

Proposed laws generally require a simple majority to pass in the Senate but radical reforms such as changing the national charter require three-quarters of votes.




Source: Smart Trend Team


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