Providing clients with strategies and expertise that span the full spectrum of all asset classes. As a global asset management company, Global Financial Solutions provides more than 220 investment strategies spanning all major asset classes, investment styles and geographic regions.

Investing with GFS Asia:

  • a large global organisation made up of small local teams
  • a research-driven firm maximising information to our advantage
  • an unrelenting focus on risk management


We dislike uncertainty and complexity so our investment process strives to be simple and clear. Our clients access our investment expertise drawn down from four main classes. Our investment teams are based in the markets or regions in which they invest. Clients understand our process and portfolios because they are transparent.

Not only do we offer great portfolio management but wide range of training is available as we truly believe that everyone is on the path to greatness with the right amount of guidance.

Only a skilled investor is a smart investor

Trading Coaching

Big part of our operations is Trading coaching that we offer to individuals and institutions that want to mark their place in financial world or just has to spark up their skills. We offer full service financial market training : Global equities, US stock market, Stock options, Forex, Futures, CFD, Binary Options, Bonds and Bitcoin trading.

Full range of training is offered:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Professional

Fund Managing

No profit – No performance fee basis.

We proud ourselves of leaving clients to decide where they want to invest and which institution to use as we are purely dealing with management and active trading side. This eliminates yearly fees and ongoing fees.

Low risk Fixed return investments are availiable as well as higher income orientaited investment types are on market. A unique and attractive reward and fee system is offered. A pioneers in fair inveswtment managing industry…

Your Personal


You will have your own personal and confidential account.

We will work with your Professional Adviser to ensure your investment manager understands your individual circumstances and will invest your money in a way that reflects your investment objectives and your attitude to risk. You can, of course, view your account on line at any time and we will send you regular statements to keep you up-to-date with how your portfolio is progressing and provide you with everything you need.

All Services

Delivering a broad range of multi-asset strategies using a disciplined process that integrates our client insights, asset allocation views and the breadth and quality.

By combining the unique features of the Derivatives structure with our insights, resources and active management capabilities, GFS Asia brings a truly differentiated experience to investors. Seeking to provide current income while still maintaining liquidity and stability of principal

Providing clients with strategies and expertise that span the full spectrum of asset classes As a global asset management. GFS Asia Asset Management provides more than 220 investment strategies spanning all major asset classes, investment styles and geographic regions.

Offering a broad array of research-driven equity strategies spanning the risk/return spectrum across styles, market capitalisation and regions that seek to meet the full complement of our clients’ investment need

A global leader in investing providing solutions that match client needs, such as liquidity, risk tolerance, return and investment preference through flexible portfolio construction.

Provide clients with outstanding service is extremely important. On other hand we do believe that there are plenty of individuals that would be able to achieve same results or even better just with the right amount of guidance.

Wake up.

kick ass.


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