US indexes closing positive but lose most of the day's gains

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  • 6 months ago
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U.S. stocks closed higher amid positive trade talks between Washington and Beijing.

The DJIA was up157.03 points to 24,527.27, the S&P500 rose 0.6% closing at 2,651.07 points, thanks to strong consumer discretionary sector data and the Nasdaq composite climbed by 1% as all FAANG stocks were in positive territory.

Caterpillar and Boeing shares were up 1% and China purchased over 500,000 tons of U.S. soybean for the first time in six months as signs of positive movement between the two countries.

However, it could have been a lot better as the major indexes fell from the day’s highs, the Dow rose to 458.05 points, the S&P rallied by 1.85% and the Nasdaq had climbed as high as 2.35% on the day’s trading, clearly showing that anxiety has not blown over just yet.



Source: Smart Trend Team