Trump's US Chief of Staff appointment is a crypto fan

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  • 5 months ago
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Donald Trump may have just won a lot of supporters, as the appointment of Mick Mulvaney brings a whole load of support for blockchain technology.

During his time at the House of Representatives, Mulvaney, who is a South Carolina Republican, created, along with others, the Blockchain Caucus, a group of lawmakers with a duty to create laws for new and upcoming technologies such as crypto and blockchain.

And he is very much aware of the potential it can bring.

He aided two legislative acts, which favor the support and growth of the blockchain industry.

Firstly, House Resolution 1108 which was proposed to increase blockchain technology research and including guidelines for Congress to implement regulations on the technology.

And secondly, House Resolution 7002, an idea to amend the E-SIG Act for the purpose to “confirm the applicability of blockchain to electronic records, electronic signatures and smart contracts.”

All of the above may be indeed great news as we head into an era of possible recession, the new technologies are improving services, creating jobs and as more pilot schemes are completed and approved of, we may all start embracing it in everyday life.



Source: Smart Trend Team