Trump positive on China trade agreement, Quantuum-NXP deal and possible visit of Kim-Jong to U.S.

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Aboard Air Force One on his return from the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Donald Trump had a good feeling about his agreement on trade with China.

"It's an incredible deal. It goes down, certainly, if it happens, it goes down as one of the largest deals ever made," he added, "it'll have an incredibly positive impact on farming, meaning agriculture, industrial products, computers, every type of product."

Trump continued on his meeting with Xi-Jinping, "what I'd be doing is holding back on tariffs. China will be opening up. China will be getting rid of tariffs. You know, China right now has major trade barriers and also major non-tariff barriers, which are brutal."

And was somewhat hopeful he has convinced the $44 billion Quantuum-NXP deal to go ahead once again after Chinese regulators halted proceedings earlier this year.

He also mentioned the North Korean leader Kim-Jong Un and how he intends to invite the leader to the U.S. in the near future stating, "We’re getting along very well. We have a good relationship".





Source: Smart Trend Team