Today's announcements and data releases, 22/11/2018

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JPY Machine Tool Orders (YoY)

Tracks trends in machine tool orders placed by major manufacturers in Japan . Machine Tool Orders is considered a leading indicator of business capital spending, and increases are indicative of stronger business confidence and a better future outlook. Higher capital spending is also positive for the Japanese employment situation, as companies will generally require new employees to run and maintain new machinery.

The Machine Tool Orders figure tracks closely with the Machine Orders figure put out by the Economic and Social Research Institute, but tend to affect the market more since it is released nearly a month earlier.



CHF Industry & Construction Output WDA (YoY)



CHF Industrial Output w.d.a. (YoY) (3Q)



EUR ECB Publishes Account of Policy Meeting (OCT 25)



MXN Bi-Weekly Core CPI (NOV 15)



MXN Bi-Weekly CPI (NOV 15)



MXN Bi-Weekly CPI (YoY) (NOV 15)



EUR Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence (NOV A)

Measures consumer sentiment in the Euro-zone nations. The figure is the result of Euro-zone consumer surveys personal finance, the job market, the likelihood of saving and expectations on the economy. High levels of consumer confidence bode well for the economy, indicating consumers are more likely to increase consumption spurring growth and potentially sparking inflation. Conversely, low consumer confidence levels suggest decreased spending. The figure is determined by the difference between positive and negative answers. Therefore a headline above zero indicates positive consumer confidence, while a negative number shows more negative answers



EUR ECB Executive Board member Yves Mersch Speaks in Munich



AUD CBA Australia PMI Mfg (NOV P)



AUD CBA Australia PMI Services (NOV P)



AUD CBA Australia PMI Composite (NOV P)