Theresa May wins vote of confidence but time is running out for a Brexit deal

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  • 6 months ago
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Theresa May has overcome the prospect of being ousted by her peers, the Conservative party voted 200 for and 117 against and therefore making her leadership safe for another year.

"A significant number of colleagues cast a vote against me and I have listened to what they said," acknowledged the PM, adding that it was time to deliver the promise of Brexit the people had voted for.

However U.K. parliament 's vote on the Brexit deal has been delayed and May still hasn't struck a deal with Brussels.

Should Britain and the E.U. not reach a deal within the 21- month transition period in which Northern Ireland’s hard border with Ireland will disappear and therefore mean that it would align with Brussels, or as it beis being referred to “ The Northern Irish backstop.”

This still remains an issue as the thought is totally unfathomable to most British politicians.

And time is not on Theresa May’s side as any amendments must be made before parliament's scheduled vote on January 2 after which the deal must be reviewed by European Parliament, raising the chances of a no-Brexit deal.



Source: Smart Trend Team