South Korea aims to fine BMW $10 million over vehicle engine fires

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  • 4 months ago
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German carmaker BMW has been fined by South Korea the sum of $10 million in regards to the lack urgency in recalling faulty vehicles and may also seek to prosecute the carmaker for having full knowledge of the problem prior to incidents.

Earlier this year various reports were mad of BMW vehicles catching fire due to faulty engines, some parking lots even went as far as refusing entry to owners of the German car maker and prompted the recall of 170,000 vehicles.

This prompted the South Korean police to raid the Seoul headquarters of BMW in August.

And it wasn’t the end of the line as recalls of almost a million vehicles in total have been made this year throughout Europe and Asia, as a repeated hitch with the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation cooler) was reported.

South Korea’s Transport Ministry released a statement in which it stated, "BMW announced earlier that it had become aware of the connection between the faulty EGR cooler and the fire only on July 20 this year."

"But we discovered that ... BMW's German headquarters had already formed a special team in October 2015 tasked with solving the EGR cooler problem."



Source: Smart Trend Team