Sirin Labs launches first Blockchain smartphone

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Following one of the biggest ICOs of 2017, the world's first blockchain smartphone has been launched.

Israeli company Sirin Labs, backed by notable names such as Leo Messi, Android, Bancor and Kuende, has launched its much awaited device which is on the market for a cool $999, coming with an built-in storage wallet and Dap ecosystem,embedded cold storage wallet that's physically separate from the main hardware; its Sirin OS is a "Google-certified" mod of the Android operating system; it boasts AI-driven, cyber-threat detection; and it enables the direct exchange of selected cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin and Sirin Labs Token) without the need to use a centralized exchange.

However with all this ammunition Sirin Labs claim that this device is the first of its kind as it looks to further intorduce blockchain technology to mobile hand devices.

Co-CEO and co-founder Moshe Hogeg stated,"the Finney phone is a one-stop shop" adding,"before the Finney, you needed a ledger, you needed a computer, you needed wallet software and then you needed to go to an exchange, and then you could convert, the Finney does all of this in one phone" and that it will be "a huge step forward in bridging the gap between the blockchain economy and the consumer market."

Essentially by using the device consumers do not have to go through the tedious prospect of signing up to platforms such as Kraken or Coinbase and further acquire a wallet on Trezor or Ledger.

So it seems the blockchain era is truly upon us.





Source: Smart Trend Team