Polls point out to a recession due within the next 2 years

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  • 5 months ago
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It may seem that a recession may very well be looming upon us, according to the most recent polls, where some feel the likelihood of economic chaos to be at 40% within the next two years as markets readjust their forecasts.

Only last month polls pointed to a feeling that the chance of a recession would be of 35%, the same can also be said about the rise of interest rates as most expect the hikes to take place twice next year, raising the Fed’s funds rate to 2.75-3.00 by the end of 2019.

Other concerns are the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and how it will shape the E.U. landscape and how the British economy will handle the aftermath, also notable is the ongoing standoff between Washington and Beijing and the most recent diplomatic issues ranging from Canadian citizens being held in China to Huawei’s CFO’s indictment of breaking international trade laws.



Source: Smart Trend Team