Nissan's CEO in the spotlight for taking part in scandal

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  • 6 months ago
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Following the recent scandal involving its former chairman Carlos Ghosn, Nissan now finds itself accused of issuing false statements in its annual reports and authorities in Tokyo are planning to arrest the two executives whom are currently in custody.

The names however cannot be disclosed as they have ben not authorized to speak with the media the prosecutor's office also has declined to comment and Nissan stated it is currently complying with the authorities.

Sources have however pointed to worries that Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa may also be implied in the scandal.

“Normally, if it’s falsifying the financial filings, the company as well as the perpetrator is charged. That’s not surprising. It’s to be expected,” stated former prosecutor and lawyer Nobuo Gohara.

“Now suddenly the issue of CEO Saikawa becomes bigger. It becomes difficult to overlook Saikawa’s role in all of this. That becomes the main focus now.”

Nevertheless, Nissan will find it hard to escape punishment regardless whether its executives were aware of their former Chairman's actions or not.




Source: Smart Trend Team