Marriott hacking scandal, China may have some questions to answer

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  • 7 months ago
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The hacking scandal of hotel group Marriott International has left clues that seem to be pointing the finger to Beijing.

Investigators have uncovered evidence such as tools, procedures and techniques which have a trademark of the Chinese government previous hacking campaigns when attempting to gather intelligence.

The hack in question which has been dated back to its beginning in 2014 has exposed over 500 million clients of the Starwood Hotels reservation system.

Sources however have been quick to attempt and play down the situation by stating that China's probable involvement was more inclined towards espinoage efforts other than financial gains.

However regardless of the complications of establishing who in fact was responsible, this instance will not do any favors to Washington's and Beijing's relations, tariffs coupled with claims of theft and espionage are surely not what either Trump or Xi-Jinping have in mind to discuss.

The hack begun in 2014, not long after an attack on the U.S. government's Office of Personnel Management which compromised sensitive data on tens of millions of employees and National Security advisor John Bolton has the opinon that Beijing was the culprit on that occasion.

The discoveries by investigators prompted former senior FBI official Robert Anderson, who served as the bureau's executive assistant director until 2015 to agree that it seems like it has Beijing's fingerprints all over it.

"It fits with how the Chinese intelligence services think about things. It's all very long range," said Anderson.

The Chinese embassy in Washington has not commented on those statements while Beijing has refuted those claims.





Source: Smart Trend Team