Malysia and Singapore in dispute over sea and air space boundaries

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  • 7 months ago
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The Malaysian government has sent two protest notes to Singapore in regards to the airspace and maritime boundary delimitation issues which has been disputed in the last days between the two countries.

The Malaysian  Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicated thorgh the Singapore High Commisioner, in the first note it states that the Malaysian government opposes Singapore's publication of the ILS (Instrument Landing System) in regards to Seletar Airport and protests that the same was made public without its consent.

The Malaysian government had previously made its feelings known when it opposed the publication as the Seletar Airport flight trajectory would have implications on the developments and shipping routes and operations within the Pasir Gudang area.

That being said, Singapore rebutted those protests by saying that the ILS had simply drafted the flight paths in order to be more transparent on its safety rules.

Nevertheless the Malaysian Foregin Affair Ministry is somewhat unhappy about this development and in a statement said,"the unilateral act by the Government of Singapore is a violation of Malaysia's sovereignty and is an intrusion of Malaysia's sovereign airspace above its territory," adding that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, "therefore reiterates the call by the Government of Malaysia for the immediate withdrawal of the publication of ILS and ILS Approach Procedures for Seletar Airport by the Government of Singapore."

The second note transmitted pointed out the oustanding maritime boundary between the two countries adding the recent incidents which have talen place in the Johore Bahru Port limits.

"The Government of Malaysia affirms that the new Johore Bahru Port Limits are within Malaysia's territorial sea, further, it is well within the Government of Malaysia's right to draw any port limit in its territorial sea in accordance with Malaysia's own national laws".

"As such, the Government of Malaysia refutes the view that Malaysia's government vessels had intruded into Singapore territorial waters off Tuas."




Source: Smart Trend Team