J.P. Morgan feels Brexit may not be the solution after all

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  • 6 months ago
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J.P. Morgan has changed its perspective in regards to Brexit.

However it comes to no surprise as several defeats for PM Theresa May has put fresh doubts as to whether the U.K. will actually leave the E.U. and it has sent the pound rising and May’s chances to keep her job rather slim.

J.P. Morgan’s stance on Brexit was originally at around 20% of a chance that the U.K. would remain in the bloc, this was in 2016.

As of now the probability, according to the U.S. investment bank, of the U.K. staying put has increased to 40%.

J.P. Morgan’s Malcolm Barr stated that,”the U.K. now appears to have the option of revoking unilaterally and taking a period of time of its own choosing to decide what happens next.”

J.P. Morgan additionally feels that a second referendum seems to be the more likely outcome rather than a general election, however whether Theresa May is still PM by the time the dust settles it is still there to be seen.





Source: Smart Trend Team