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A. Indonesian Market Morning Review

As trade war between China and USA still in session, and each of them prolong the trade war, our Indonesian Market was hit with minimal downside. In previous week, IDX gain +0.46%.

Economic Agenda for this week was quite dense. Start from 24 September 2018, US will start Import Tariff for Chinese Product in the value of US$200 Billion. US ordered 10% tariff until the end of this year. And in 1 Januari 2019, this will increase to 25%.

In Tuesday, 25-26 September 2018, FOMC Meetings will decide about the increase in FFR. After that, Bank Indonesia will do RDG in 26 - 27 September 2018 to further response about the possibility and counter to increase in FFR.

Today, IDX might slighty take profit taking action from investors, as EIDO Gold, Tin & CPO further decrease in value. In other side, we predict that INCO & ANTM will increase in value as there is a sharp increase in the price of nickel (+4.76%)

B. Corporate News

1. PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA).
In 2018, WIKA targets a new contract from the EPC sector of Rp 7.67 trillion or 13.2% of the company's total new contract target this year. It comes from the development of energy projects and industrial plants. Until the third week of August 2018, WIKA had received a new contract from EPC sector Rp 725.59 billion.

2. PT Adaro Energy (ADRO)
The company, through its subsidiary PT Adaro Power, said that the construction of a steam power plant (PLTU) project in Batang has reached 50%. The PLTU, which is located in Batang, has a capacity of 2x1,000 MW, targeted to operate in early 2020. The investment value for the construction of this project is US $ 4 billion. As for the power plant project located in South Kalimantan, the process has reached 85% and has a capacity of 2x100 MW which is estimated to be finished in March or April 2019.

3. PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk (AGII)
The company is still optimistic that it can achieve performance improvements in 2018, one of which is to achieve revenues of 10% -15% from last year or around IDR 2 trillion. Until the first semester of 2018, the new AGII recorded revenue of Rp 950 billion. To achieve this target, AGII will still rely on gas sales. Especially for the medical and retail sectors. In addition, AGII also continued to increase the number of filling stations. Until September 2018, Rahmat admitted, AGII had 96 fillling stations from the target of 100 filling stations by the end of the year. To build the filling station, AGII requires an investment of US $ 1 million. In 2018, AGII budgeted capex worth IDR 150 billion - IDR 200 billion.

4. PT Jasa Armada Indonesia (IPCM)
The company signed the procurement of four tugboats. The four ships were ordered by the company from PT Citra Shipyard. IPCM ordered 4 units of tugboats with a minimum power of 2x2200 Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) type phones according to the company's needs. The Company issued an investment of Rp223.85 billion excluding taxes. Investments include the price of the main engine and the Niigata brand propulsion system at an original price of around 700 million yen.

C. Market Statistics
DJIA +86 +0.32% 26743
NASDAQ -41.3 -0.51% 7986
GOLD -8 -0.66% 1203.3
OIL +0.39 +0.55% 70.71
COAL (Sep/Newcastle) +0.3 +0.27% 113.45
COAL (Sep/Rotterdam) +1.6 +1.62% 100.3
NICKEL +602.5 +4.76% 13262.5
TIN -55 -0.29% 18920
CPO (Sep) -7 -0.29% 2139
EIDO -0.07 -0.3% 23.23
US 10yr -0.12 -1.02% 3.068
INDO 10yr -0.0527 -0.62% 8.3919
INDO CDS -7.95 -5.65% 140.565
TLK 48.58 (3600)
IDR (Spot) 14817
IDR (Investing, 22/9/18/Fut, 06.00) 14863

IDX Range.      :  5,914 - 5,985
USD/IDR Range: 14,770 - 14,870

Smart Trend Team (GR)