Indonesia unveils new map, and overlapping revelations

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Indonesian government has launched a detailed map of its land which will settle various overlapping disputes in the huge archipelago.

The map, which was originally meant to have been completed in 2015, is of a higher detail at 1:50,000 compared to the previous 1:250,000, aims to settle issues over mining and nature conservation.

President Jokowi has explained the delay was due to "too many fears and worries because of many interests."

“With this one-map policy, development planning can be more accurate. With this, we will know where the dam is, where the irrigation is, including all concessions from the east to the west to the south.”

This announcement however has shed light on huge overlaps in land, which combined are bigger than South Korea.

As confirmed by coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs, Darmin Nasution, 10.4 million hectares in Kalimantan on the Indonesian territory of Borneo and a further 6.4 million hectares on the western island of Sumatra has been uncovered and government has announced that it will hold meetings in order to resolve the disputes caused by the findings.

As of this September new permits for palm plantation were suspended for 3 years in order to prevent further deforestation as in within the last half century an area covering 74 million hectares has been logged, burned or degraded.

Much of the blame has been pointed to the palm oil and paper industries.




Source: Smart Trend Team