Hyundai offices raided by South Korea's prosecutors

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  • 2 months ago
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South Korean prosecutors have raided the office of Hyundai Motor Co’s quality division earlier today.

The offices in in southern Seoul have been inspected as part of a probe into how the automaker and its affiliate Kia Motors Corp handled vehicle recalls over engine defects.

During 2017, South Korean civic group YMCA filed a complaint with prosecutors alleging the automakers delayed fixing engine defects that prompted massive recalls in Korea and the United States.

Hyundai, which shares the quality division with Kia, have denied allegations while the prosecutor’s office has not commented on the recent events as of yet.

The automakers are also being investigated by U.S. safety regulators and prosecutors over the recall of nearly 1.7 million vehicles related to engine defects in the United States.



Source: Smart Trend Team