'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner hints HBO show's 'heartbreaking' finale may divide fans

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Sophie Turner says reading the “Game of Thrones” finale script tugged at her heartstrings.

Turner, 22, looked back on the big moment Tuesday. 

“A lot of tears,” the actress, who plays Sansa Stark, recalled to IGN

She continued, “I think, you know, as an actor it was really satisfying — I think for everyone, everyone’s storylines — to be able to act out the way that it all ends. It was really satisfying for us.”

Viewers, she warned, may not feel the same way. 

“I think a lot of fans will be disappointed and a lot of fans will be over the moon, I think,” Turner said.

The script also apparently featured a definitive conclusion. 

Turner explained it was "heartbreaking to read at the very final page ... it just says, ‘End of Game of Thrones.’”

“That was really emotional,” she added.

The last season won’t be available until 2019, but fans already have an idea of what to expect from the Stark sister. 

“She kind of takes ownership over who she is and what she stands for," Turner said.

And while the show isn’t be coming back after its eighth season, Turner physically carries its mark on her body.

The actress made headlines this summer for getting a tattoo of a small scaly direwolf with the words “the pack survives” written underneath.

Source : foxnews