Elon Musk airs his views on the SEC and his 'replacement'

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In an interesting interview on Sunday night with Lesley Stahl, he covered topics such as his slightly erratic behavior and his views on the SEC

“It’s possible that we would be interested. If they were going to sell a plant or not use it that we would take it over,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk while talking about the factories GM plans to close down.

“I’m just being me. I mean, I was certainly under insane stress and crazy, crazy hours. But the system would have failed if I was truly erratic,” Musk said adding that, “Nobody’s perfect,” and that he “didn’t really want to try to adhere to some CEO template.”

The SEC forced fined Musk after his tweets were regarded as hinted in taking the company public, along with forcing him to step down as chairman of the board for a period of 3 years and replacing him with Robyn Denholm as chairwoman to keep him in line, something he found rather amusing.

“Yeah. It... it’s not realistic in the sense that I am the largest shareholder in the company. And I can just call for a shareholder vote and get anything done that I want.”

And in regards to the SEC, “I want to be clear: I do not respect the SEC,” reiterating “I do not respect them.”

However, he did mention that regardless of his feelings towards the commission he did respect the justice system in the U.S.





Source: Smart Trend Team