Duterte thanks congress for extending Mindanao martial law period

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  • 6 months ago
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The Philippine Congress has voted 235-28 all in favour of extending martial law for an additional 12 months in the Mindanao region as President Duterte insists on maintaining security presence in order to stop insurgence.

By doing so this will be the longest martial law period since the late Ferdinand Marcos in the 70’s, additionally this is the longest running conflict since World War II as an attack on Marawi City prompted Duterte to send its army to carry out land and air strikes to stop the rebellion.

Duterte stated, “Notwithstanding the substantial gains achieved during the martial law period, we cannot turn a blind eye to the reality that Mindanao is in the midst of rebellion,” both he and the military thanked Congress on the outcome and reassured that civil rights would be preserved under martial law.

Lawmakers opposed to the decision felt the decision was unjust as they feel the rebellion is now over.



Source: Smart Trend Team