China deepens ties with Panama, U.S. watching closely

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  • 6 months ago
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As Beijing is expanding its trading ties in South America, yesterday saw the signing of 19 agreements on trade between China and Panama.

Xi-Jinping and his ocunterpart President Juan Carlos Varela sealed 19 accords, mostly comercial, tourist and educational agendas, drawing coments from Varela describing China's economy as an ocean, in a televised statement he said "I want to complement those words by saying Panama connects two oceans, and his visit consolidates our country as China's commercial arm and gateway to Latin America." 

Panama has of last year separated itself from trading with Taiwan, which China considers a rebel state, other countries have followed suit are El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, which is something Washington is looking at closely as it has always regarded the South American continent as its backyard.

Indeed Trump has already warned countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador of reducing, even cutting off completely, aid to the countires if they do not curb the illegal imigrant flow into the U.S.

With that however Panama brushed those concerns off as it still claims to maintain a healthy relationship with Washington.




Source: Smart Trend Team