British PM May heads to Brussels seeking breakthrough on Brexit

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  • 2 months ago
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Theresa May has made another trip to Brussels in hope to reach an agreement with Jean -Claude Juncker as the Brexit deadline nears.

As Britain is set to exit the Eurozone in 37 days many fear the British PM unable to get any concessions from Brussels, the so-called Irish backstop is something that seems to be holding up any progress from being made.

May thought the deal was sealed in November after presenting it to EU leaders however UK lawmakers rejected her draft proposal as many in Parliament see the Irish backstop as something totally unacceptable.

She has promised parliament to rework the treaty to try to put a time limit on the protocol or give Britain some other way of getting out of an arrangement which her critics say would leave the country “trapped” by the EU.

The British PM’s trip to Brussels is “significant” according to the PM’s spokesperson, as part of a process of engagement to try to agree on the changes her government says parliament needs to pass the deal.

However, Juncker’s aide has given a hint as to how the forecast is viewed in Brussels, as Juncker was reported to say that, “I have great respect for Theresa May for her courage and her assertiveness.”

“We will have friendly talk tomorrow but I don’t expect a breakthrough."




Source: Smart Trend Team