British employers struggle to find new workers as Brexit still remain unsolved

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  • 4 months ago
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According to a British Chamber of Commerce study there are clear indications that companies are facing difficulties when it comes to enrolling new employees.

It pointed to higher costs which entails a rise of prices, along with the number of businesses claiming to have improved sales which is at a two-year low.

"Business concerns about the government's recent blueprint for future immigration rules must be taken seriously - and companies must be able to access skills at all levels without heavy costs or bureaucracy," said BCC Director General, Dr Adam Marshall.

And the blame seems to lay at the steps of parliament and its failure to resolve, or at least, show some clarity on the Brexit process at a time when he economy is facing enormous pressure and a lack of confidence in business.

Employers have reported a growing difficulty, especially within the service industry, given that household spending is stagnant there is not much room to manoeuvre.

Nevertheless, higher income households do not seem to share the same fate, with that being said it is unsure as to whether that will change.


Source: Smart Trend Team