Brexit agreement "not open for negotiation.." according to chief negotiator Barnier

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  • 5 months ago
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EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has hinted that Britain may still keep a close bond with Brussels, which would entail adhering to its regulations, all in the name of keeping trade relations amicable.

Barnier stated that, “If the United Kingdom chooses to let its red lines change in future, and that it takes this choice for its advantage of the ambition of going beyond a simple but not negligible free trade accord, then the European Union would be ready immediately to ... respond favourably.”

That being said, Barnier did also make it clear that the current withdrawal agreement is not up for negotiation, given the latest events in London where PM May’s proposal was voted against in a historical loss for the government.

“The withdrawal agreement — and, I repeat, the withdrawal agreement — ... is not open for renegotiation.”



Source: Smart Trend Team