Bitcoin records 3-week gains of 22%

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  • 5 months ago
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Bitcoin has surged by 10% to a high of $3,929.10 and bringing its 3-week gains by 22%.

Along with Bitcoin XRP rose by 16% and ETHER also went up by 13%.

Nevertheless 2018 has been a year to forget as most cryptocurrencies are concerned, Bitcoin alone has been down by 72% off its highs and overall it is down 80%, the number of ICO’s that have had to close shop is also alarming and regulators having a clean-up of the industry by seeking questionable fundraising projects and even in some instances bringing fraud charges to cryptocurrency founders.

However, this may indicate a good forecast as CoinFi CEO Timothy Tam put it, "The garbage, or at least a good portion of it, is starting to get collected," adding that "Ultimately this strengthens the market."

He wasn’t as excited about the 10% increase of BTC but still sounded rather positive in the outlook, "It's certainly a hell of a lot more cost efficient to buy now."

"The hope is that the market has culled jumpy retail investors and, as regulators move in, we start to see some much-needed stability."



Source: Smart Trend Team